Summer Ketchup

104. 06/14 – Trailer Park Boys Live In F**kin’ Dublin* – Basically the same as the “Community Service” tour I saw in Seattle but with less enthusiastic audience participation. (Netflix) 6/10

105. 06/16 – Alien – My favorite of the series has aged very well. (Bluray) 9/10

106. 06/19 – The Dance of Reality* – As trippy as one would expect from Jodorowsky. I will have to see it again when it’s out on Bluray to even to begin to grasp it. (Cinema) 8/10

107. 06/22 – The Avengers – Still great!  (Bluray) 9/10

108. 06/26 – Ping Pong Summer* – Amusing coming of age film about a teenager spending the summer with his family at a beach town in Maryland. (VOD) 7/10

109. 07/05 – Louis C.K.: Hilarious* – Not as good as his most recent specials but still funnier than 99% of the comedians out there. (Netflix) 8/10

110. 07/05 – Sorcerer – This forgotten William Friedkin film from 1977 is awesome. The Tangerine Dream soundtrack is one of their best. (DVD) 8/10


111. 07/05 – Under the Skin* –Sci-fi meets art film. I liked it!  (VOD) 8/10


* = first time viewing
My IMDB ratings history


May Comes to an End

099. 05/30 – Dead Snow 2* – I liked the first one a lot but this was even better. The budget seemed to be a lot higher and they put the extra funds to good use. The Nazi Zombies even have a tank in this one! (cinema) 8/10

100. 05/31 – Metallica Through the Never* – A Metallica fan would probably like this a lot. (Netflix) 4/10

101. 05/31 – Less Than Zero – 1987 fun based on the Brett Easton Ellis novel. Watching Robert Downey Jr. smoking crack is always a good time. (Netflix) 8/10

102. 06/01 – 1976: Hunt vs Lauda* – Very good documentary on the 1976 Formula One rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda.  (Netflix) 7/10

103. 06/01 – Nightmares in Red, White and Blue* – An exploration on the history of horror films in America and why people enjoy them.  (Netflix) 7/10


* = first time viewing
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Memorial Day Weekend Movies

092. 05/21 – Homefront* – This actioner with Jason Statham and James Franco was okay. (DVD) 6/10


093. 05/22 – Eddie Murphy: Delirious – One of the best standup movies ever. (Netflix) 8/10

094. 05/23 – Bill Burr: You People Are All the Same – Very funny standup. (Netflix) 8/10

095. 05/23 – Rigor Mortis* – Hopping vampires make their triumphant return in this visually stunning new entry into a genre thought dead.  (cinema) 9/10

096. 05/24 – The LEGO Movie* – Very goo0d film, much better than I expected. (VOD) 8/10

097. 05/24 – The Sacrament* – A couple of people from VICE go to a mini-Jonestown. Good stuff. (VOD) 7/10

098. 05/25 – Near Dark – The best of the 1980s vampire movies. Lost Boys fans be damned! (DVD) 8/10


* = first time viewing
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The King of the Monsters vs Alex de la Iglesia

089. 05/17 – Godzilla (2014)* I had been waiting anxiously for this since it was announced. I could have done with more Kaiju battle footage but it was great regardless. Time to finally bury the turd that was the  1998 GINO! (Cinema) 8/10

090. 05/17 – Torrente: The Dumb Arm of the Law* – I like a lot of Spanish comedy but this did nothing for me. Strange, because I am a big Santiago Segura fan. (Netflix) 4/10

091. 05/17 – Witching and Bitching* – Now THIS is a Spanish comedy! Alex de la Iglesia’s latest is about some criminals on the run who meet up with a coven of witches. Great fun! (Cinema) 8/10


* = first time viewing
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May is a Slow Month So Far

087. 05/10 – Jodorowski’s Dune* – A fantastic documentary about the greatest film never made. Oh, what could have been! (Cinema) 9/10


088. 05/11 – Captain America: the Winter Soldier* – The best of all the solo Marvel movies. Great action and pacing. (Cinema) 8/10


* = first time viewing
My IMDB ratings history

Mid-Week Movie Mania

​I didn’t post on Sunday because I only watched three films. Since I watched a couple more I thought I’d do this mid-week rather than a huge one next Sunday.

083. 04/25 – Kid Cannabis* – Decent crime film with weed based gangsters instead of the usual cocaine/crack/heroin movies.  (VOD) 6/10

084. 04/25 – Hide Your Smiling Faces* – Very interesting film about how a town (mainly the brothers pictured below) copes after a tragedy. Pacing is a bit slow at times but there are some excellent visuals. (VOD) 7/10

085. 04/26 – Wolf Creek 2* – I liked it just as much as the first. Ryan Corr is excellent as the serial-killing pig-hunter Mick Taylor. (VOD) 7/10

086. 04/29 – Pacific Rim  – I have nothing further to say. I can watch this over and over. (Bluray) 9/10

###. 04/30 – Gravity – Apart from some glaring physic issues for the sake of drama this is great on the 3rd go-around. Excellent 3D, even on my 55” TV. (Bluray) 8/10

* = first time viewing My IMDB ratings history

Muay Thay, Silat, Nerds, Hitler’s Clone and a Single Mother

078. 04/18 – The Protector 2* (VOD) 3/10 – WTF happened to Tony Jaa? Once a badass he has now been reduced to a co-star to bad CGI and slow fight cinematography. Don’t waste your money.

###. 04/19 – The Raid 2 (Cinema) 9/10 – Quite possibly the best martial arts actioner ever. Take everything that made the first one great, turn it up to 11 and add some seriously cool characters and you have the sequel. The ending fight is going to be hard to top, so much badassery! Iko Uwais is the man to beat now.

079. 04/19 – Merantau* (VOD) 7/10 – While Gareth Evans’ earlier film (also starring Iko Uwais) isn’t as action packed as The Raid films it was cinematically brilliant. Great use of colors, some very cool shots and a decent amount of ass kicking.

080. 04/19 – Knights of Badassdom* (VOD) 6/10 – Fairly funny film about some LARP nerds who accidentally summon an ancient succubus who they must battle. Some great D and D references will bring a laugh t older players.

081. 04/20 – El Clon de Hitler* (bootleg) 2/10 – Straight to video turd from Mexico about a Hitler clone who runs a gang in Mexico. Just horrible.


082. 04/20 – Paycheck to Paycheck* (HBO) 7/10 – Documentary on the single mother of three young children barely getting by.

* = first time viewing

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